Polo at the pampa


Polo at the pampa

Pilar's (13) father owns large soya plantations, more then two thousand cows and a hundred horses. That is no punishment for Pilar, because she loves horseback riding. From her bedroom in the country house she can see the horses graze.

One hundred horses?

“That my dad's hobby. He collects horses. If our nephews, nieces and friends are here, we can all go horseback riding.”

Do you have a favourite horse?

“Yes, Mantaraya, because he is so easy going, but runs very fast all the same. With him I play polo, some sort of hockey with long wooden sticks. I always wear a helmet because polo is quite dangerous."

Dangerous why?

“You hold the reins in one hand and the stick in the other. You steer with your weight. You have to react fast and take care that you are not pushed out of your saddle by your opponent's horse. You cannot be the fearful type. I only fell of my horse twice, but never during polo. One time my horse got startled by a dead animal and stopped at once. Another time he tripped, upon which I fell into a freezing pond!

Since when do you ride horses?

“Ever since I was five years of age, I drive the cows together, on a horse off course. I use a lasso. The cows are a money box to my dad. If the soya crop fails, he can sell his herd to a slaughterhouse.
I rather eat vegetables, but do not tell my dad! He thinks that is nonsense. I do like meat, but do not like killing animals!”

Pilar en haar neef winnen vaak bekers bij polowedstrijden

Pilar op haar paard Mantaraya

Pilar: "Polo is very popular in Argentina. Players from here always win."

My favourite snack:
Chipa (chesse biscuit).

My hobby's:
Polo, dancing, tennis, hochey, collecting small horses as toys.

I will be:
A veterinarian.

My country is known by:
Soccer player Messi, the Pope, Queen Maxima.
And steaks of course, but we eat all of them ourselves.

My favourite subject:

Have you ever seen that?

“We once selected a fat cow and made her rest in order to let her meat remain tender. Then they hit her on the head with a stick and with a knife they cut her throat. From that moment on, I decided to not eat any more meat, or at least minimize it. My girlfriends also do not eat that much meat anymore.

Pilar and her cousin Eugenio (14) often win a cup at a polo match.